My Pre-Owned and New Lace Wigs for Sale!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

So back to topic with these lace wigs..... Since being home from overseas I have had SOOO much time to really get into my lace wigs. I have been learning how to color them and give them LIFE with curls. Those barrel curling irons are the business! They will spice up a wig in second!

 I have also been selling some of my oldies (new and pre-owned) lace wigs on eBay and been turning a nice lil profit. If you are interested check out my eBay at store. The pre-owned ones are priced cheap and they are of good quality. The new ones are excellent quality.

Or my Website:

Below are some random pictures of what I have sold.

Small 4c Natural Hair Update

Sooooo I have been home from overseas since Oct 2015 and I am loving the down time until my next adventure overseas. Anyway my hair has been loving it as well and its showing! My hair has never been this moisturized and soft feeling! I owe it to the change in water, castor oil usage and the Design Essentials Moisturizing Lotion! I have been keeping my hair in mini braids and only using those products. My hair loves it and it seems I get more growth. Every year I think around Aug, Oct and Nov my hair grows a lot. Does that make sense?

In Jan I am coming up on ANOTHER natural hair anniversary. Time waits on no one. Well until the next update...

Update on My 4C Natural Hair

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I am just loving my hair. Its still growing and it has stopped breaking so I am glad for that. Some of my favorite products are the Qhmet Biologics, Moringa powder, IC Styling Gel and Tahlid Wajii Curly Curl Cream.

You know whats crazy? When I was relaxed I never really liked wearing my hair out, but now I am natural I CANT wait to wear it. There are endless styles you can do. It can be curly, kinky or straight depending on how I manipulate it and its healthy....not thin at the ends. 

How to Get 4C Natural Hair to Curl - Best Hair Products

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Qhemet Biologics - Amla & Olive Heavy Cream
What does it do for my 4c hair? Very moisturizing. Clumps my hair and greatly defines and brings out my curls. This product has also helped my hair to stop shedding because the cream moisturises my strands all the way down to the ends.  When you find a product that can really moisturize the ENDS of your 4c hair there you will find that you are able to clump ya hair. 

Qhemet Biologics - Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee
What does it do for my 4c hair? Its a light detangler. On a scale from 1-10 I will give it a 6.5. However in conjunction with the Amla & Olive Heavy Cream it works GREAT in helping my hair clump together to get a curl

Karen’s Body  Beautiful  Sweet Ambrosia Leave in Conditioner
What does it do for my 4c hair? 

Ahh my newly found best product! So last night I took a strand of my hair…applied a lil water and applied some of the Karen’s Body Leave in… Instant clumps!!! Not as defines but it was very noticeable!

Hydratherma Naturals - Moisture Boosting Deep Conditioning Treatment
What it does for my 4c hair? 
Man this is the best freaking deep conditioner ever. It will have your hair feeling like butter. You know after you use a hard shampoo and your hair feels all strongly well this stuff brings your hair all the way back to life. Its like I can feel it nourishing my scalp at the same time. I think a cheaper alternate to this is the Aussie Moist…BUT the Hydratherma Deep Con is way better. 

Parachute Coconut Oil
What does it do for my 4c hair? 
I dunno this stuff just feels really good on my scalp and on my strands if I need that extra boost in my hair. Coconut is supposed to also be good for “hair fall” so I think that why I mainly use it. Also because when I was relaxed I swore by this stuff. It was a  daily part of my regimen. 
Luster SCurl
What does it do for my 4c hair? 
Now if you have been following my blog you know this is my number one staple and product I ALSO come back to. It gives my hair that ahhhhhhh feeling when it is very dry. It brings back life to my dry strands. For example of I go 5 days without any moisture in my hair… I can spray some of this stuff on my hair, sleep with a shower cap and ta-daaaaaa… Instance moisture.