My Review: Whitenicious by Dencia

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Alright, Aliright! Lets get to it! So far I have not came across any blogger reviews about this product called Whitenicious by Dencia so I feel the need to share my results. First let me clear things up... I LOVE MY SKIN COLOR! (Repeat 100 times if needed :) ) because I KNOW there is going to be one person who is like no no hold up she hate hates herself and blah blah blah... LOL.

Now that we have cleared that up...Lets get to it! Below are some questions I thought you were thinking.

If you love your skin color, why did you use it? Honestly I was just curious and I had a dark spot on the side of my face that I wanted to get rid of.

Did it get rid of the dark spot in 7 days? YES...wait it was actually the 8th day. It was grading fading over time and it seemed like on the 8th day it just magically disappeared!

Are you getting paid for this review? NO...really yall?  This chick is making alot of money from this product because celebrities are promoting it for her as per such as Sunday Carter so what does she need lil ole me for? Damn I went to find the link but its not popping up.

So if you used it on one spot on your face why does it look like you put it all over your face in the pictures above or below? LOL...wait for it...wait for it! Curiosity got the best of me... after it cleared up my spot in 8 days. I thought maybe it help to even my skin tone. However I didnt know it was going to look like this...damn! So I emailed Dencia today on the email provided on the website to see if its supposed to look like this. I guess I expect it to lighten everything at one time, lol. In the picture above can you see that dark area on my chin? That is my natural color! Yup I knowww right! LOL

Are you aware this may cause cancer? Really? Are you aware some of the shit we use on our skin and hair can cause cancer? I.E But for real yall I dont want cancer, lol. But I had to say it like that because ppl are really tripping on that like the relaxer isnt harmful for your hair.

Is the product moisturizing? Yes, I was surprised. However I do follow up with my own oil mix.

How many times a day do you use it? 3 times

Are you able to camouflage your face with makeup while the product lightens your face. Yes but my makeup looks patchy and crazy now because one area is dark and the other is light. Maybe if I was a professional with makeup I could.

Will you buy this product again? If she answers my question. :) However... this will not be a staple product that I will HAVE to buy. Like I said before I started using this for a dark spot.

Are you aware that this only temporary? Yes

Anything more? Yes I am hungry. Right now in Afghanistan its time for breakfast! So I will do another update at a later date. Meanwhile pray that my face doesnt rot off, lol.

Here are the details of Whitenicious by Dencia Dark Spot Review:
Whitenicious for Dark Spot Removal (by Dencia) is a moisturizing cream enriched from exquisite and powerful ingredients that also removes dark spots (from acne, hyper pigmentation, etc).  It contains vitamins C & E and provides a SPF of 15.  This product will nourish and refine skin, lighten dark spots, and smooth pores.  This product has been formulated for sensitive skin.  Use three (3) times daily for faster results.

How to: Easy Messy High Pony Tail on a Lace Wig with No Hair Out!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Yesssssssssssssss! I am popping out videos again. I am a lil bored! 

If you are like me you get tired of having to wear your lace wig down. This video is simply a fast and easy, effortless way to style your lace front wig or full lace wig into a high messy pony tail. Now I know some of you are crying about all those long "baby hairs" lol. But I happen to think they assist in making the wig look more natural. Yeah they could be a lil shorter but "aint nobody got time for that!" I wake up at 0300 every morning to ready for work, lol. Anyway I hope you enjoy the video :) Thanks for watching :)\

Beshe "Drew" Lace Front Wig Application with No Glue Review Video!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

As promised here is the video review of the Drew Lace Front Wig by "Beshe." :)

Beshe Lace Front Wig - "Drew" Video Review (Coming Soon)

Friday, June 6, 2014

Dang, it seems like I am updating like every two months! :( I gots ta get better. I am sorry. But I found a new love and her name is Drew! Yup her name is Drew and she was created by this company called Beshe. She is soft and mimics natural hair and easy to style! Her price varies on different sites but I wouldn't pay over $35 for her. :)
Last night I decided to try it on to see if I should wear it when I go to Thailand and I fell in love. I wish I would have brought her in my favorite 1b/27 color but I wanted to wear some of my hair out in the front to see if I could pull it off with my 4 head, lol. So stay tuned for a YouTube video. I have to edit the clips and upload it. :)
 In the meantime here are some pictures in different lightening. I have to be careful about posting pictures because these Chinese folks be out to rob me fo my PEECHURS! They make me sick!

Updated: Here is the link to the video: My Video Review

How to Make Your Lace Wig Look Natural (Easy Way)

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I know it has been a longgggg time since I have done a video. Here is a video on an updated way of how I have been making my scalp look natural on my full lace wigs. Bleaching the lace wigs was starting to take up too much of my time at night and then after bleaching I would have to style it. Too much time. So hopefully this way I have started doing it will help a "newbie"learn a easy way to make her lace wig look natural :)

29 Jan - 04 April Natural 4C Hair Growth!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Heyyyy yall! I know its been a while but I have been posting alot of updates on my natural hair over on my other blog: 4C-haircare . Here are some very small updates. I am loving how fast my hair is thickening and growing in. I can WAIT until I get a lil hang time! 

Natural Hair Update on my 4B/C Hair!

Monday, February 24, 2014

So I big-chopped on 02 Jan and today is 23 Feb. I know this picture is past due but if you will see from my posts below they are back-dated because I recently decided to do a "Natural Hair" blog. The picture below was taken on 11 February.

I decided not to do a comparison picture for this month because my hair was looking all kinds of difference lengths when I 1st cut it and I had some relaxed ends holding on for dear life. So it wouldn't make sense to do a comparison. Let the picture below be my starting picture for next months update. :)

How do I feel about being natural after 1 month, lol. My natural hair never seems to surprise me. I love the feel of my hair is sort of like a springy soft cotton feel. Though I am not ready to wear it out I believe I will be ready in 9-12 months after it gets a little longer.....maybe when it at least touches my ears "un-stretched."

Washing my hair is the funniest thing to do! I can comb straight through it and my curls will pop! Its so soft and there is hardly any shed hair as it was when I was relaxed.  Detangling is not bad at all. I can actually apply a product like theKinky Curly Knot Today Leave in Conditioner and it will let me comb through my hair with no issues. Wait I shouldn't say comb because the only styling tool I have been using is the good ole "afro pick!"